Gemini Consortium Project


Gemini Consortium Project

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Gemini/Quinn Collins Consortium

Instrumentation: Flute and percussion/electronics.
• Duration: ca. 10 minutes
• The percussion setup will consist of glockenspiel plus small instruments that will all fit inside a suitcase. The percussionist will also be responsible for controlling the live electronic part, which will require a laptop and other small controllers - nothing larger than a two octave MIDI keyboard and small USB footswitch.
• The flute part will carry the lion’s share of the piece’s melodic “workload.”
• This piece will use “Gemini” as a starting point for inspiration, which will involve the Castor and Pollux myth, creative cues from other works that explore that myth, concepts related to twinning and imitation, etc.
• Gemini, comprised of Robert Guilford and Kristen McGuire, are lead commissioners and will hold rights to premiere performance and audio/video recordings.
• Consortium members can join in either of the two phases described below.  All consortium members will hold rights to performance exclusivity one year after the Gemini's Premiere of the piece and will have their names printed in the final, published score.
• Completion date of September 18th, 2017.
• Pdf of score/parts and all other necessary files will be sent then via email on the completion date, but anyone is welcome to join in at a later point as well.


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